Chris Christie isn't done trolling Marco Rubio for repeating himself over and over

Chris christieScott Eisen / StringerChris Christie.

BEDFORD, New Hampshire — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) isn’t done needling Sen. Marco Rubio (R) for his repeating of talking points.

After being roundly criticised — centrally by Christie — for his now-famous repetition during Saturday’s Republican debate, Rubio appeared to fall into the trap again Monday.

He repeated the same set of talking points during an address to New Hampshire voters, during which he bemoaned the erosion of American values.

Business Insider asked Christie here whether he’d seen Rubio’s latest bout of repetition.

“I did,” Christie said, while walking to his campaign bus. “It didn’t surprise me.”

Christie has been one of the most relentless critics of Rubio for weeks, arguing that he does not have the executive experience needed to be president.

Speaking to supporters and staff at his campaign office in Bedford, Christie emphasised that his well-received performance in Saturday night’s debate was a reflection that Rubio was untested.

“Saturday night was a great night because it proved the premise of our campaign,” Christie said. “The premise of our campaign all along has been there are some people who, based on their life experience, their work experience in public life, are ready to take on Hillary Clinton and become president of the United States. And some people are not.”

“It took Saturday night to put the spotlight on that moment,” he continued. “The fact is, that wasn’t tough on Saturday night, and it wasn’t tough on Rubio. They haven’t seen tough yet. Tough is Hillary Clinton.”

Though he enjoyed a brief surge in polls in New Hampshire late last year, Christie has appeared to drop back amid a surge of attack ads in the state — many of which have reportedly been paid for by groups supporting Rubio. Many political observers agree that the Christie campaign’s best hope is to place in the top three of four “establishment” contenders in the Granite State on Tuesday.

The governor himself acknowledged the role that New Hampshire will play in his campaign.

Christie told supporters in Bedford what his vision of his acceptance of the Republican nomination looks like. He said when he stands onstage at the Republican convention this summer as the nominee, he’ll thank his family first, but reserve his second set of appreciation for another group.

“I’m going to … look down right in front, and there is going to be a section right in front of my delegates from New Hampshire,” Christie said. “You’re going to look up at me, and I’m going to say four words: Thank you, New Hampshire.”

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