Chris Christie just caught a foul ball at a Mets game and was promptly booed by the crowd

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showed off some rare athleticism Tuesday night when he caught a foul ball during the third inning of a Mets game at New York’s Citi Field.

The New York crowd initially cheered the impressive, one-handed catch, before a video replay revealed Christie as the ball’s recipient. The governor was then booed heartily, as several spectators reported on social media.

The jeers continued even as Christie handed the souvenir off to a young boy in the crowd.

The negative reception shouldn’t have come as a surprise — Christie has an approval rating of just 15%, the lowest of any governor in New Jersey history. His public image took a blow over Fourth of July weekend, when he was photographed with his family relaxing on a state-owned beach that was closed to the public because of a government shutdown.

“Nice to see him get from the beach to the ballpark,” Cardinals announcer Dan McLaughlin quipped from his booth.

Watch video of the moment below:

Chris Christie getting no love in Queens #Mets #MLB
— Sambeze (@sambone73) July 19, 2017

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