IT'S OFFICIAL: Chris Christie's Favorability Takes A Dive Among GOP After Hurricane Sandy

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s favorability appears to have slipped among Republicans in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and his effusive praise of President Barack Obama last week, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling.Christie has taken heat from conservatives after welcoming Obama to New Jersey last week to tour storm damage, the week before Obama prevailed against Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. He also reportedly refused to appear at a campaign rally with Christie last weekend in Pennsylvania.

Christie is viewed favourably by only 59% of Florida Republicans. There’s not a lot of basis for comparison, but in PPP’s early surveying of 2016 in New Hampshire, he was viewed favourably by 74% of Republicans there.

In a June New Jersey poll conducted by Rutgers-Eagleton, Christie was viewed favourably by 79% of Republicans in his state — and 50% of voters overall. Only 12% of Republicans viewed him unfavorably — in PPP’s hypothetical 2016 presidential poll of Florida Republicans, that number has jumped to 20%.

Christie gets 9% of the overall vote in the PPP poll, conducted last Saturday and Sunday. But he gets only 5% of the self-identified “very conservative” vote. 

Of course, the PPP poll is only one poll, and it came in the immediate aftermath of the storm. But Christie’s standing with Republicans in polls is worth keeping an eye on post-election.

Check out the full poll here >

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