New Big Document Dump In The Chris Christie Scandal -- You Can See Them All Here

More than 900 pages of documents related to the closure of George Washington Bridge lanes have been released.

You can see all the documents here (they’re in order).

Among the new revelations contained in the documents: officials actually did conduct a traffic study (sort of), the Fort Lee Mayor complained that Port Authority officials were blaming him for the immense surge in traffic that resulted from the lane closures, and Democrats are focusing on a new key question from the revelations.

The documents were entered into the public record Thursday, during a New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee hearing. David Wildstein, the Former Port Authority Director of Interstate Capital Projects and an ally of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, refused to answer questions during that hearing, repeatedly citing his right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.

The release of the new documents comes two days after bombshell documents detailed coordination involving top Christie aides in the lane closures. Christie held a press conference Thursday apologizing for the burgeoning scandal surrounding his administration, and he disavowed any knowledge of or involvement in the decisions.

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