Chris Christie Is On The 14th Draft Of His Convention Speech -- Romney Hasn't Changed A Comma

Chris Christie

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a frontrunner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016 if Romney loses in November, is giving the keynote speech at the Republican convention tonight.Along with the rest of the country, we’re looking forward to it.

Christie has captivated the country since dethroning Democrat Jon Corzine in 2010. He forced New Jersey to take its “tough medicine” with respect to budget and tax cuts, and, at least until very recently, he managed to do this without clobbering the economy.

New Jersey unemploymentNew Jersey unemployment. Looking good until this summer…

Photo: Business Insider, St. Louis Fed

(Until a few months ago, New Jersey’s unemployment rate had declined steadily since Christie took office, but it has spiked to a new high in the last three months–a point that Democrats and those who favour stimulus will no doubt jump on. See chart at right.)Christie also has a reputation for speaking his mind and taking sensible stances on some (some) social issues that mortify the right wing of the GOP, which goes down well in less-extreme corners of the country.

So lots of people, even outside of the GOP, are looking forward to Christie’s speech.

And he has worked hard on it!

According to NPR, as of yesterday, Christie had worked through 14 drafts of the speech.

Of course, because this is not so much a convention as a 3-day advertisement for the Romney-Ryan campaign, the speech has been heavily scrutinized by Romney folks.

According to Christie, however, the Romney campaign hasn’t changed so much as a comma.

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