Chris Brown is still stuck in the Philippines after he reportedly skipped a million dollar concert

It seems as if Chris Brown’s drama in the Philippines isn’t over yet.

The singer was reportedly stranded in the South Asian country Wednesday due to a fraud complaint involving a concert last December.

There were multiple reports Thursday morning that the conflict had been resolved, and was just a misunderstanding, but according to NBC, the singer remains stranded.

Local authorities are still investigating the complaint against Brown and his promoter. An order was issued Tuesday night by the Philippine Department of Justice to prevent Brown from leaving the country, and attempt to get him to pay back money he owed to a group he was supposed to perform for.

The religious group Iglesia ni Cristo of the Philippines claimed Brown failed to perform at a concert even after he was paid. According to the Associated Press, the contract was worth $US1 million.

Brown seemed to make light of the situation on Instagram Wednesday posting a video saying: “When I go through customs, I say ‘Sir I didn’t do nothing.'” In the video, he then dropped to the ground and started dancing.

 Thursday morning he posted another video ‘begging’ to leave the country “Please, please let us leave”:

Business Insider reached out to Brown’s representatives about the latest developments and will update the story with any new information.

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