Chris Brown Goes Ballistic After "Good Morning America" Interview


Chris Brown is sick of people talking about his assault on Rihanna — and he allegedly made that eminently clear on the set of “Good Morning America” today.

After his interview with Robin Roberts, Brown apparently flew into a rage and even shattered a window in ABC’s Times Square studios.

His temper flared after Roberts prodded him with questions about the abuse incident — and we mean gently prodded. The full interview is below — between nervous giggles, Roberts allowed Brown to duck her softballs about his violent past.

But Brown was visibly annoyed by the topic being raised at all. He stuck to hawking his new album, “FAME” — which, by the way, has already hit #1 on iTunes.

So, according to the charts, America has forgiven Brown (and Rihanna recently relaxed her restraining order against him). In fact, the only person who still seems angry is Brown himself.

This is understandable to a point. Brown, who tweeted earlier that scrutiny has been turned on him “while we celebrate Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bullshit,” hasn’t had the luck of Sheen and other famous abusers who have somehow convinced the public to focus on something other than their battering incidents.

The huge response to Brown was partially spawned by the horrifying pictures of a bloodied Rihanna that leaked following the incident. Race, of course, may have played a role.

But, hopefully, the Brown backlash mostly represented that the public condemns domestic violence when they aren’t distracted by something else. And when they come down on a perpetrator of it rather than looking the other way, that’s them getting it right.

Right and wrong aside, Brown should realise this: celebrities have been pestered about their major for far longer than he’s been fielding questions about Rihanna.

So if he wants to stay famous, he’d better get used to it — or get ready to spend a lot of money settling property damage claims.


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