Chris Brown Erased From Promos For Upcoming Movie “Bone Deep”


The latest blow to Chris Brown’s career comes from Sony Pictures subsidiary Screen Gems, which will reportedly “erase” his performance from promotional materials for his upcoming film Bone Deep. Instead, producers will focus marketing around Brown’s co-stars, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker and T.I., who may still be in jail when the film is released in January 2010. (Will people still be shaken up over this Chris Brown thing a year from now?)

The move represents the first action by Sony, parent company of Screen Gems and Brown’s record label, Jive, in response to Brown’s assault charges. We know Sony Pictures and Sony Music make separate decisions, but we think Sony Pictures’ decision to downplay Brown’s role in a movie that won’t be released for another year shows that they feel its best to distance themselves from Brown, which does not bode well for Brown’s work with Sony Music.

Will they stop promoting his current album? Hold off on allowing him to make a new one? How long will Brown have to pay the career price for his horrendous behaviour?

Woooha, Inc., which broke the Screen Gems scoop, speculates that the move doesn’t bode well for Brown’s film career, either:

This is bad news for Chris’ acting career…Chris had a rising film career with his “boy next door” persona going on for him. If the rumours are true then he will lose millions in movie contracts from this fallout. The fact that he will be “erased” from this movie is just the first sign that Hollywood studios will be avoiding him like the plague as well. Chris’ agents and managers are hoping big time (and expensive) Hollywood PR man Alex Nierob can help save his career though…or what’s left of it.

Rolling Stone adds, “In the end, it’s the producers’ decision, and it’s hard to imagine anyone funding a film starring an actor who may single-handedly cripple the film’s success.”

The director of Chris’s upcoming film Caramel, however, told Life & Style, “Chris’s current situation hasn’t had any effect on things in terms of the film. We’re still planning on working with him.” But filming on that project reportedly won’t begin until September.