Meet The Only Person In The World Who Actually Thinks The Lakers Are After Carmelo Anthony

ESPN Chris Broussard Studio Anchor

Photo: ESPN Screengrab

Just about everybody is denying Chris Broussard’s report for ESPN yesterday that the Lakers were working on a deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony.The LA Times said the report was untrue, so did the Denver Post, and New York’s Newsday. Even the Lakers themselves denied talking trade with Denver, and yours truly opined that the trade simply doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, Broussard doubled down on his initial report, and appeared on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning radio program to insist discussions are ongoing. Obviously, Broussard is extremely confident in his source, and just as confident that those other unnamed sources denying his report are incorrect. Or he’s trigger-happy.

Broussard has been covering the NBA for 20 years. He covered the Cavs for seven years, first with the Cleveland Plain Dealer then with the Akron Beacon Journal, and the Nets for three years, Knicks for two years, and leaguewide issues for one year, all with The New York Times. He joined ESPN in 2004. Clearly, he’s well connected in league circles.

But we’re a little sceptical. Many point to the fact that Broussard was all over LeBron James’ decision as a reason to pay heed to this report. But before he ever mentioned the Heat, Broussard maintained that Chicago, and then Cleveland, would be his eventual destination. Recently he was also the lead reporter on the ‘Melo to Nets scenario, and said the Knicks would definitely trade Anthony Randolph by the end of January (granted we made the same mistake).

This isn’t a grand takedown of Broussard, we believe he has a ton of sources, and do not question that they were behind his reports. In fact, many presume some Denver source floated this rumour to Broussard specifically so that he’d report it and force Anthony’s other suitors to ante up.

This all seems to be case of Broussard putting his story to the press, or discussing it on SportsCenter, before truly figuring out whether an actual NBA transaction is a real possibility, or if it’s just someone kicking around an idea.

Then again, in the race to get news first, it’s hard to blame him. So keep all that in mind as the ‘Melo rumours inevitably persist.

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