Chris Bowen Won’t Be Standing For The Labor Leadership

Chris Bowen and Kevin Rudd
Chris Bowen speaking with Kevin Rudd. Getty / Leigh Turner

Outgoing Labor Treasurer Chris Bowen just announced he won’t be a candidate for the leadership of the party following Kevin Rudd’s departure.

His widely expected announcement means the leadership of the parliamentary party is down to outgoing education and workplace minister Bill Shorten, and the outgoing deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese.

However there are indications that Albanese, who served in senior ministries under both Rudd and Julia Gillard, may want to retire to the back bench.

“There’s an obligation on each of us to make ourselves available for positions of leadership if we feel genuinely that we are the best possible candidate at any particular time,” Bowen said.

“Equally, there’s an obligation not to put our names forward if we don’t feel that.”

Bowen, a Rudd supporter in the leadership tensions that dogged Labor’s six years in office, said he would serve on the front bench if asked by the new leader.

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