Chris Bosh Explains Why He Accepted Losing To The San Antonio Spurs In The 2014 NBA Finals

The San Antonio Spurs impressed the sports world in 2014 by blowing away the Miami Heat in five games in the NBA Finals.

The Heat were in their fourth straight Finals appearance, going for the highly coveted “threepeat” — a journey Chris Bosh told Zach Lowe was “draining.”

Bosh also told Lowe that the Spurs recognised it was their moment and seized it.

Bosh explained that winning in the NBA is now about playing great, systematic basketball. He explained the Spurs don’t necessarily look like a championship team, but “They will run you into the ground. Because they buy into their system, and they do it together.”

Bosh continued, saying he could accept losing to the Spurs because of how well they played in their system:

“The Spurs trust each other to the fullest. It’s the best basketball I ever saw. And I told them that after they beat us. That’s why I wasn’t really that bummed out. I was like, Man, if I’m gonna get beat, it’s by you guys. I can respect that.”

The Spurs actually played similarly to the Heat with rapid-fire ball movement inside, outside, and around the perimeter. But in the Finals, San Antonio’s offence got unbelievably hot, and it fuelled their defence, too, allowing them to blow Miami out.

The Spurs’ dismantling of the Heat may very well have been the most impressive basketball the NBA has seen in years, and it’s inspired teams across the NBA to try and create a similar, all-encompassing style of play.

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