Chris Bosh Is Willing To Give Up As Much As $US30 Million To Re-Sign With LeBron James And The Heat

Chris Bosh wants to re-sign with the Miami Heat and LeBron James even though it is a move that could ultimately cost him up to $US30 million.

With James still apparently weighing his options, Bosh was “heavily engaged” in talks with the Houston Rockets and is now weighing a 4-year, $US88 million offer according to Chris Broussard of

However, Bosh’s desire to remain with the Heat as long as James is on board has not changed according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN LA adds that Bosh is “waiting on direction from LeBron.”

If Bosh re-signs with the Heat, most believe he would have to accept a 5-year deal worth $US80-90 million. Broussard told ESPN Radio the deal would likely “start at $US15 or $US16 (million per year) but it bumps every year.”

If we assume the lower end of that range, Bosh will be giving up $US8 million up front. However, he would also be giving up a year of free agency at the back-end of the deal.

If Bosh signs the 4-year deal with the Rockets, he would still be just 34 when he starts his next contract in 2018-19. It is easy to imagine that he will still be worth $US17-22 million for a year or two at that point in his career.

In other words, if Bosh stays healthy and productive, he would make $US110 million over the next five seasons (4 years with Houston + 1st year of his next contract), or $US30 million more than the 5-year, $US80 million deal he may have to take with the Heat.

What is most curious about this decision is that Bosh is not weighing an offer of more money from a lesser team. With James Harden and Dwight Howard, Bosh would have a team that would be at the very least on par with the Heat, albeit in the much tougher Western Conference.

But Bosh must really love the idea of remaining LeBron’s teammate.

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