10 Images And GIFs That Show Why Chris Bosh's Face Will Be The Star Of The NBA Finals

chris bosh miami heat

If the Heat are going to beat the Spurs, they will need both Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to step up like they did in game seven against the Pacers.

But no matter what happens, Chris Bosh’s Face will almost certainly leave its mark on the NBA Finals.

Whether he is screaming, goofing, or videobombing, there is just something about Bosh’s face that is mesmerizing.

Below we will take a look back at some of our favourite Bosh Face moments, a collection that will almost certainly grow over the next two weeks. And see further down the page for a mesmerising video of the Bosh Face.

Bosh unleashed a classic Bosh Face in game seven against the Pacers

And here is the Bosh Face during last year's Finals

Maybe his all-time best Bosh Face came after winning last year's championship

Even when he is hurt, the Bosh Face makes an appearance

Sometimes Bosh Face is goofy

Sometimes Bosh Face is evil

Oh yes, there will be videobombs

The Bosh Face is even more mesmerizing in slow motion, beating the Spurs with a three-pointer

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It’s even more mesmerising in slow motion:

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