WHAT?: ESPN Star Chris Berman Doesn’t Have An Email Address

Chris Berman ESPN

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Another day, another crazy story out of ESPN. This one isn’t salacious, but might be the most shocking revelation yet.Chris Berman, ESPN’s most famous face and one of its longest-serving employees, doesn’t have an email address.

The lead anchor on ESPN’s football coverage and the biggest face on the network, almost never use the internet or communicate online. Never has. Doesn’t want to.

Which helps explain why today’s football fans find Berman – who is famous for quoting rock lyrics from the ’70s during his highlights – so woefully out of touch.

Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch and Jimmy Traina interviewed James Andrew Miller, the author of Those Guys Have All The Fun, who revealed this little tidbit and many more in his upcoming 750-page book about the rise of the network.

Miller also says when he interviewed Berman, he asked him if he Googles himself and Berman “looked at me like I was from Mars.”

There’s plenty more in the podcast interview, which can be heard on SI.com >

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