Here's The Part Of New York That Tourists Never See


Photo: Chris Arnade on flickr

Chris Arnade stands out like a sore thumb when he visits East New York.The Citigroup forex trader has made a habit of taking pictures in New York’s grittier neighborhoods—and there are few grittier than this one. Located on the far side of Brooklyn, East New York and Brownsville are among the poorest and most dangerous areas in the city.

Here’s the reaction he got from the group of kids on right:

“Take our picture, Mr photographer, and give us some money.”
“Ha, no thanks. Why do you think I would give you money?”
“Because you’re rich.”
“Why you think that?”
“Because you’re white and got a big arse camera.”
The boy in white t-shirt then interjected: “He can’t be that white if he’s here!”

Arnade gave us permission to publish some pictures from East New York. You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

East New York is not the only thing Arnade photographed

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