A restaurant in Japan is now serving chocolate ramen made with cocoa butter and a whole chocolate bar

KourakuenThe chocolate ramen is limited edition.
  • Japanese ramen chain Kourakuen is serving a special chocolate ramen bowl for Valentine’s Day.
  • It’s only available for a limited time and will be served until Valentine’s Day of this year.
  • The cost is 561 yen, including tax – or about $5 USD.
  • Some people on Twitter are loving it and finding it surprisingly delicious – while others are a bit confused by the flavours.

For a limited time only, Japanese ramen chain Kourakuen is selling a special chocolate ramen bowl for just 561 yen – or about $5 USD.

The special dish comes with a soy-sauce based ramen broth that incorporates cocoa butter – which can be mild in flavour as far as the chocolate component goes. The dish’s chocolate flavour is even stronger with the addition of a bar of Tirol milk chocolate added alongside your chashu pork and shaved ginger garnish.

The ramen has had positive and confused reviews

One reporter from GetNews Japan tried the dish and said the taste got more confusing with each bite. Still, they finished the entire bowl. They said a bonus piece of Tirol chocolate in coffee nougat flavour was served on a small dish alongside the bowl of ramen that already had its own chocolate on top.

Twitter users have also had both positive and confused reactions to the dish.

This person came back for seconds.

And this person thought it was simply delicious.


But some people were not as impressed with the unique flavours – so like a lot of things, it all depends on your taste.

This person wasn’t at all pleased by their chocolate ramen experience.

This person wanted to like the dish, but found it too sweet and couldn’t finish it.

This person’s entire office ordered it – but they weren’t a huge fan.

If you want to try it, you’ll have to snag a bowl before Valentine’s Day

All in all, you’ll have to try it for yourself to decide if the ramen gets along with your taste buds. If you’re intrigued by the idea, Kourakuen has many locations all over Japan for you to get a taste of this limited-edition dish.

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