Chobani Set A Mechanical Bear Loose On The Streets And Terrorized New Yorkers [THE BRIEF]

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After including a live bear in its Super Bowl ad, Greek yogurt maker Chobani put a person in a mechanised bear costume and set him loose on the streets of New York City. Watch unsuspecting New Yorkers flee in terror as the bear destroys everything in his path in search of food with all-natural ingredients:

LinkedIn continues to expand its offerings as a publisher. The social media network is now acting as a content broker by linking marketers with publishers that have content relevant to the marketers and helping the two sides make a deal.

Google is working with brands looking to experiment with programmatic buying by setting up private exchanges that match brands with premium publishers looking to sell space programmatically.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau issued an open letter from its leadership meeting in California today calling on advertisers to make mobile-optimised ads and use the mobile-compatible programming language HTML5. The letter was signed by several major players in the digital advertising ecosystem, including Google, AOL, and The New York Times.

BBDO New York was named creative agency partner for Pinnacle Foods’ recently acquired Wish-Bone salad dressing brand. The previous agency on the account was Barton F Graff 9000.

Upworthy co-founder Eli Pariser discusses the new “attention minutes” metric his site is using to woo brands to make sponsored content deals with it.

Grey’s global chief operating officer on the Procter & Gamble account, Piers Yeld, is leaving the agency to “conquer new worlds and have some family time,” as Grey Group chairman Jim Heekin put it in a memo to staffers.

Ad Age dives into the trend of food brands offering products based on their “energy” offerings. Post, Quaker, and Kellogg’s are among those cited in the story.

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