A Terrifying Bear Ransacks A Store For A Honey Chobani In The Greek Yogurt Brand's Super Bowl Ad

Chobani is making its first Super Bowl appearance with an ad that promotes the brand as the healthy, all-natural choice in supermarket yogurt sections. And to help deliver that message, it is using a terrifying brown bear.

The commercial starts with a quaint scene of a small town by the mountains. It’s just another day at Howard’s Country Store, until a huge bear shows up for a snack. The lack of natural snacks upsets his discerning taste, until he comes across some Chobanis. He decides to go with a honey-flavored one, as Bob Dylan’s “I Want You” plays in the background:

Droga5 produced the ad, which will run during the game's third quarter. It launches Chobani's "How Matters" campaign, which will continue throughout the year. Peter McGuinness, the brand's chief marketing officer, explained it to us. "A lot of brands are 'When,' 'What,' 'Where' companies," McGuinness said, referring to those promoting their historical background, the face value of their products, or where the products were made. "How things are made isn't always pretty," he added, saying that Chobani is choosing to differentiate itself by celebrating the simple way its all-natural ingredients are made into yogurt. The brand thinks consumers will notice this distinction, in the same way the ad's bear does. Chobani is the nation's top yogurt brand, with 12.5 per cent of the market, but will be facing competition in the Super Bowl from an already popular ad for Dannon's Oikos Greek yogurt reuniting the men of "Full House."

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