The Luckiest College Graduate Of 2013 Got A Job With Snapchat Straight Out Of School

Chloe Drimal snapchatChloe Drimal graduated from Yale in 2013 and now works for Snapchat.Chloe Drimal works on business development for Snapchat

Chloe Drimal graduated from Yale in May. Now she works for Snapchat where she helps on business development and content.

It’s safe to assume she’s the luckiest college graduate in the world, regardless of whether or not she has stock options.

Being a part of a company with growth like Snapchat’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity and she’ll learn more there than probably anywhere else.

How’d she get the job?

She likely got on Evan Spiegel’s radar when she wrote about her experience using Snapchat for Yale Daily News in December. The story was picked up by Business Insider and in the comments of TechCrunch.

Then, Drimal wrote about how she used the app. She said she thought the idea of disappearing photos was “stupid” at first.

“Because of Snapchat, we feel more connected to the girls and guys we used to know solely in terms of bars and fraternities,” Drimal wrote then. “We know who has a lot of work and who doesn’t. We know who is hung over and who is on a walk of shame. Best of all, we can see it. We see the aftermath of that looming senior thesis or that Zeta late night.

“I think Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, understood our generation when he put a time limit on a picture message. Maybe he didn’t mean to, but he took technology backwards a bit, bringing us a little closer to what real human interaction is supposed be. It’s supposed to be a memory, not something tangible.”

Now she’s at Snapchat. She was hired one month after she graduated, in June. Despite a tough job market, Drimal made her own luck.

Congrats Chloe!

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