Chipotle's free queso deal has backfired as people slam the dip as 'nasty' and demand the chain kill the menu item

Hollis Johnson
  • Chipotle is giving away free queso on Tuesday.
  • Instead of celebrating, customers are roasting the chain’s queso as grainy and “nasty.”
  • One Facebook commenter wrote: “People don’t even want it for free. Cut your losses and pull the plug on it.”

Chipotle is giving away free queso on Tuesday – but customers aren’t having it.

On Tuesday, December 12, the chain is offering free queso for customers wearing a “cheesy sweater.”

Normally, free food inspires nothing but celebration. However, scrolling through social media shows that people are primarily using the deal as an opportunity to slam Chipotle’s queso.

“Your queso is literally the worst, chipotle, everyone hates it,” one person commented on Chipotle’s post announcing free queso. “It tastes like the powder from a kraft mac and cheese box that’s been forgotten in the back of a humid pantry for several years.”

“Chipotle, I love you so much that I mentioned you in my wedding vows, but your queso is salty and oddly grainy, and I couldn’t even finish the sample cup of it I was given,” another Facebook commenter wrote.

“Chipotle, pay attention!” wrote a third. “How many times do your customers have to tell you that this queso is nasty!?!? People don’t even want it for free. Cut your losses and pull the plug on it.”

Chipotle’s queso roll-out has been a nightmare for the chain. Since September, customers have slammed the dip as a “crime against cheese,” “expired Velveeta,” and “dumpster juice.”

Chipotle recently rolled out a revamped recipe that fixes some of the original queso’s textural issues. The new queso still doesn’t have the exact goopiness that makes the Tex-Mex classic so beloved, but it is a marked improvement.

The free queso deal appears to be a play by the chain to convince customers to try the revamped dip. However, these customers seem unwilling to give Chipotle’s queso a second chance – even if it doesn’t cost them any money.

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