A ‘brilliant’ Chipotle hack has sparked a huge debate around the world


A strategy to make Chipotle more portable is causing controversy on Twitter. 

On Sunday, Josh Williams tweeted a photo of the components of a Chipotle taco, individually packaged in small containers in a to-go bag. 

“Started asking the folks at Chipotle to individually package my ingredients so I can assemble it all at home,” he wrote. “Am I weird? Or brilliant?” 

People were quick to tell Williams he was not just weird, but infuriating. 

Even “Harry Potter” author J. K. Rowling had an opinion, liking a tweet that read “i know they hate it when yo a– walk in.” 

Williams told BuzzFeed News that he was simply trying to prevent the tortillas from getting soggy on his 45 minute drive home. 

So far, the graphic designer seems to be taking the Twitter hate in stride, tweeting on Monday “10 years later I finally found the secret to Twitter engagement.”

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