Chipotle's stock drops after an actor says he 'almost died' after eating at the chain

  • A celebrity reportedly “almost died” after eating Chipotle.
  • The chain’s stock fell up to 5.9% on reports of “Supergirl” star Jeremy Jordan’s illness.
  • Chipotle denies any link between the chain and the apparent food poisoning.

Chipotle’s shares dropped after a Broadway star blamed the burrito chain for a recent illness.

“I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died,” People reported that Jeremy Jordan, a Broadway actor and star of “Supergirl,” said in an Instagram story on Thursday.

The story of Jordan’s illness picked up media coverage over the weekend. As a result, on Monday, Chipotle’s stock fell up to 5.9% — the lowest level in almost five years, according to Bloomberg.

Chipotle denied any link between Jordan’s illness and the chain.

“We were sorry to hear Jeremy was sick and were able to get in touch with him directly regarding where and when he ate,” spokesperson Chris Arnold said in an email to Business Insider. “There have been no other reported claims of illness at the restaurant where he dined. We take all claims seriously, but we can’t confirm any link to Chipotle given the details he shared with us.”

The reaction shows just how susceptible Chipotle currently is to concerns about food safety. In 2016, the company’s stock dropped 3.5% after a single report on Twitter said that someone had gotten sick after eating at a Manhattan Chipotle.

Chipotle is still struggling to build sales following an E. coli outbreak in late 2015 that sickened more than 50 people in 14 states.

In October, Chipotle’s shares fell nearly 12% after missing expectations for its most recent quarter. The company’s revenue reached $US1.13 billion in the quarter, falling short of the $US1.14 billion estimate.

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