Chipotle might start serving queso across the US soon

Chipotle Test Kitchen 6
Chipotle is hoping to expand its queso test across the US. Hollis Johnson

People across the US may soon be able to order queso at Chipotle

If a trial run in the chain’s public test kitchen in New York City goes well, the cheesy Tex-Mex favourite could soon be served at locations across the US in about a month, Chipotle Chief Marketing Officer Mark Crumpacker told USA Today on Tuesday.

The first states outside of New York to get to a chance to try the cheesy dip could potentially be in California and Colorado, according to Crumpacker. 

Crumpacker’s words seem to back up social media rumours that queso will soon be more than just a test item at Chipotle’s test kitchen — despite the fact that the chain has long said that it would never serve the dip. 

Chipotle’s queso is all-natural, something that the chain said was crucial if it was going to add queso to its menu.

“Queso has to be made with artificial stabilizers to keep its shiny liquid form. Ever heard of all-natural goopy cheese? Do you think there’s a magical cow that squirts queso out of its udders?” Chipotle said in a snarky 2016 video explaining the cheesy elixir’s absence.

However, customers have been insist ant in their demands for queso. And, with news that the chain is testing the cheesy dip, appetite for the dish has reached a fever pitch on social media. 

Perfecting the queso recipe may take a few more tweaks for Chipotle’s chefs. The all-natural queso lacks some aspects of the elastic, cheesy texture that has made the Tex-Mex dip an icon.

However, with a smokey burn and a rich, savoury flavour, the chain’s queso is a perfect addition to a burrito and is preferable to the shredded cheese Chipotle currently offers as a topping.