There’s a little-known way to get a ton of food at Chipotle for under $5


Chipotle has a menu hack that lets you order a ton of food for under $US5.

It’s been hiding in plain sight for years: It’s called the kids menu.

The menu isn’t readily advertised on Chipotle’s menu boards, so it’s easy to overlook.

You can get tacos or a quesadilla, a drink, and chips — all for $US3.75 to $US4.75. That’s much cheaper than the average order at Chipotle, which is around $US12.

We visited a Chipotle in Richmond, Virginia, to see just how much food comes with the kids meal.

We ordered a kids’ “build-your-own” taco plate.

With that option, customers get one protein, two fillings (like rice, fajita veggies, and cheese), two hard taco shells or tortillas, a small bag of chips or fruit, and a drink (soda, juice, or milk).

We ordered chicken, red chilli salsa, rice, soft flour tortillas, chips, and soda.

The total cost? A shockingly cheap $US4.75.

Ordering those exact same items from the adult menu would cost $US7.90, which is about 40% more expensive.

The kids meal includes everything pictured (as well as the drink) for $US4.75. Business Insider/Hayley Peterson

It’s important to note, however, that with the adult menu, you get unlimited fillings at no extra cost. With the kids menu, an each extra filling after the first two costs another $US0.90.

The kids menu also offers a quesadilla option that’s slightly cheaper than the tacos. It’s $US3.75 for a cheese quesadilla and $US4.25 for a quesadilla with meat inside. Like the tacos, the quesadillas come with two fillings, chips, and a drink.

If you’re like me, and you can never finish a whole burrito bowl, then the kids menu is the best option at Chipotle.

It’s still a ton of food — I couldn’t finish it — and it’s half as expensive as a typical order.

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