There's a Chipotle index that reveals which cities pay the most for burritos

Chipotle burritos may taste the same across the US — but they aren’t priced equally.

The Chipotle Index, created by Michael Mattheakis, a computer science student at the University of Michigan, allows you to compare the cost of a chicken burrito at your local store to prices nationwide.

For example, a burrito from New York’s Financial District — home to the most expensive Chipotle in the country — costs a whopping $US8.68.

Meanwhile, in Conway, Arkansas, you can buy the same burrito for just $US6.90.

“The biggest factors tended to be rent, labour costs, and taxes,” Mattheakis told Business Insider. “So dense cities tend to be a few dollars more for a burrito. But places that aren’t as densely populated (e.g Silicon Valley suburbs), but have a higher cost of living, have just as expensive prices.”

Mattheakis collected data through Chipotle’s online ordering system, which lists the chain’s menu and pricing information for each location.

“When I was visiting a new city and went to a Chipotle, I noticed that the prices were minutely different. I started wondering what the prices looked like across the country, and how they were decided,” said Mattheakis. “I’ve been programming for around five years now, and I love how it gives you the ability to make products that you can share with the world.”

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