Weight Loss Surgeon Says Chipotle Is The Best Fast Food Chain


Photo: Flickr saechang

A weight-loss surgeon endorsed Chipotle of having the healthiest fast food of any chain. “I think they do a great job,” the doctor, Matthew Weiner, told Benzinga. “As far as fast food restaurants doing local sourcing and looking for quality and healthy ingredients, I think Chipotle is above anybody.” 

The doctor just published a book called “A Pound of Cure: Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time.” 

Weiner said that he eats at the Chipotle if he must have fast food. He cited the chain’s vegetable ingredients and vegetarian and vegan options. 

It’s relatively easy to eat healthy at Chipotle. Customers can order salads, grilled meat and brown rice. 

But experts have warned in the past that eating a Chipotle burrito can be worse than eating a Big Mac. 

An Atlantic Wire analysis pointed out that a Chipotle burrito with the works had more calories, fat and carbohydrates than the McDonald’s classic. 

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