You Can Use Chipotle Gift Cards To Get Free Burritos With Unlimited Fillings

chipotle burrito

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William Hudson at Thought catalogue has put together a great guide on how to hack Chipotle.A particularly interesting takeaway is that you can get an amazing deal with Chipotle’s gift cards right now.

Whenever you buy a $30 gift card, you can use the receipt to get a free burrito with anything on it through January 2013.

For the frequent Chipotle customer, it’s quite a big deal.

Hudson explains:

That is why I now have $180 of Chipotle gift cards, for myself. You see, it’s essentially a buy 4 burritos ($30), get one free deal. i.e. a 25% return on investment.

Now you just have to use the gift cards through 2013, ideally running out of gift cards on Nov. 1st, 2013, when you can start investing in gift cards again.