Chipotle Faked A Twitter Hack In Order To Get More Followers

Burrito chain Chipotle admitted to Mashable yesterday that it faked a Twitter hack in order to promote the company’s 20th anniversary and gain more followers.

On Sunday, the official Chipotle Twitter account sent out a bunch of seemingly random messages and later posted that the account had been compromised.

A Chipotle spokesperson told Mashable the stunt earned the account about 4,000 new followers.

It seems like Chipotle attempted to capitalise on a bunch of recent hacks of brands on Twitter, which arguably brought more attention than normal to those companies.

In February, for example, hackers took control of Burger King’s Twitter account, changing the name to McDonald’s and claiming the food chain had been sold to its rival.

Chipotle’s “hacked” tweets are still live:

chipotle fake hacked tweets

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