You can get a Chipotle burrito delivered now -- but there's a huge catch

Chipotle will now deliver your burrito — for a price.

The restaurant chain told investors it has signed a deal with delivery start-up Postmates.

Postmates, a service that guarantees delivery of goods within one hour, will now transport Chipotle in the 67 markets where it operates.

But Jason Del Rey at Re/code reveals the catch to Chipotle delivery — it’s expensive.

“I just tried to order an $US8 Chipotle burrito from Postmates and was told it would cost $US20 with delivery and service fees,” Del Rey, who is based in New York City, writes.

Despite the added expense, Postmates reveals it delivered more than $US500,000 worth of Chipotle in the first quarter.

If the steep cost doesn’t deter you, here are Postmates’ current markets:

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