Sorry, Chipotle Won't Be Offering Delivery And Drive-Thrus Anytime Soon

Editor’s note: We just heard from Chipotle PR, and it seems like we were the victims of a day-late April Fool’s joke. According to a company representative, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells is not on Twitter, and the account we thought belonged to Ells is not actually his.

We previously reported that Chipotle’s Ells hinted at offering drive-thru and delivery service in a series of rare tweets.

Ells has floated the idea of adding drive-thru windows in the past, but at the time he said it could detract from the customer experience.

“In sort of expanding the Chipotle concept as we go to new markets, the question always comes up, should we try one with a drive-thru?” Ells said during an October 2012 call with analysts. “And part of what customers love is the ability to customize… And a drive-thru distances them from that. So it doesn’t seem like for the majority of our customers it’s something that would be relevant.”

“That being said, it’s certainly something that we could try in the future,” he added.

Ells hasn’t publicly discussed drive-thrus since that call.

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