Eagles Coach Chip Kelly Told His Team A Fable About Business That Will Inspire Every Entrepreneur

Tim McManus of Philadelphia Magazine has
a great anecdote about the motivational speechthat Eagles coach Chip Kelly gave his team before their 27-13 win over Green Bay.

Kelly, whose team is quietly playing better of late, is known for his progressive offensive philosophy and his at-times unorthodox coaching methods.

The speech was a fable about business and self-reliance.

From McManus:

A New York businessman who has fallen on hard times walks into Central Park and takes a seat on a bench next to an old man. Eventually he proceeds to tell the old man about his struggles.

After listening to his story, the old man gets out his check book and writes the businessman a check for $US500,000.

“Take this, and kindly pay me back in one year,” said the old man. “Your business will be fine.”

On the check read the name: Warren Buffet.

The businessman put the check in a safe and went about building his business back up. It was a success and he never touched the money. After a year he went to return the check to the old man, who was accompanied by a nurse.

“I’m glad you didn’t try and cash that check,” the nurse said. “This old man is from a nursing home. He sometimes dresses up and pretends he is Warren Buffet but he is really not.”

An Eagles player told McManus that the moral of the story is, “Everything you need is right there in front of you.”

You could also say it’s a story about the power of confidence. The man may have never rebuilt his business without the seeming safety net of the check. The mere presence of the $US500,000 check had the same effect as cashing it.

Read a bunch more about Kelly’s unusual pregame methods over at Philly Mag >

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