Chinese woman missing for 10 years is found living in an internet cafe

Xiao Yun’s parents thought their daughter was dead after she ran away 10 years ago and had never surfaced again.

Last week, police in China found the 24-year-old alive and well, having spent the last decade living and playing in internet cafes.

The South China Morning Post and Star Online reported that the woman had ran away when she was 14 after an argument with her parents. Since then, she’s been playing the video game “CrossFire” and spending her days living, playing and sleeping in the internet cafes, the Star Online reports.

Police found the woman using a fake ID card during a routine check of an internet cafe. Once they took her to the station, she confessed that she had ran away and had been living on handouts from other cafe users, occasionally picking up a cashier job to make some extra money too.

After some initial resistance, Yun agreed to meet her parents who reportedly had not changed their phone number in the hopes that she might some day call.

“I have a stubborn personality and a short temper, so I used to scold her. But it’s been 10 years and now she’s an adult. I wil never scold her again,” her mother told the Qianjing Evening News.

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