Chinese soccer teams are spending an absurd amount of money on players

Thanks to an enormous rise in television revenue and a strong growth in the interest of the sport, Chinese soccer clubs are dishing out big-time money to lure new players to Asia.

During the most-recent winter transfer window, China’s top league, the Chinese Super League outspent every league in the world, including the Premier League in England. The Chinese Super League spent US$336.6 million on transfers, according to data obtained by Forbes, $65 million more than the Premier League and more than the top leagues in Italy, Germany, Spain, and France spent, combined.

The biggest factor appears to be TV revenue. Over the next five years, the CSL will take in $1.2 billion in television revenue, according to Sky Sports, up from less than $40 million during their previous broadcast rights contract.

In fact, Chinese clubs are spending so much money, China’s second division, China League One, ranked fourth among all international leagues in terms of money spent on transfers.

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