Chinese Students Are Apparently Hooking Themselves Up To IV Drips Because Of Exam Stress

Photo: The Telegraph/CCTV

We recently published stories on how well Chinese schoolchildren are doing academically. But following those stories have come crazy photos allegedly showing students hooked up to IV drips as an energy booster as they prepare for university exams, The Telegraph reports.

The drips, filled with amino acids, have become popular with students at Xioagang high school in Hubei province because it has no adverse after-effects, school official Gao Pingqiang told The China Daily. “The school will not suspend the injection and we will continue if students want it,” he said.

The pupils are studying for the National College Entrance Examination, taken by students in their final high school year, allowing them to enroll in the college of their choice, or even get into college at all, according to The Daily Mail. One-third of students don’t get into university, and numerous children commit suicide. 

Bloggers have been extremely critical of the practice. “The group intravenous medication by students does not mean the students are sick, it means that society is sick,” said one posting on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblog, according to AFP. The government said it is investigating the practice, which can lead to infection.

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