Chinese State News Agency Thinks America Is Stupid For Worrying About Where Olympic Uniforms Are Made

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Congress is fuming about the fact that America’s 2012 Olympic outfits are made in China, and the company behind the uniforms, Ralph Lauren. has come forward to say that they’ll make sure that the 2014 Olympic outfits are made within the US.However, an editorial that ran yesterday in the state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua gives another (somewhat refreshing) perspective:

The Olympic Spirit, which has nothing to do with politics, chants mutual understanding and fair play, so tagging the uniforms with politics by those U.S. politicians exposes narrow nationalism and ignorance, and violates the original Olympic Spirit…

The fury over the U.S. Olympic uniforms is just another example of the fierce, and sometimes ridiculous, political fighting going on the Capitol Hill in the year of election, which is dominated by economic growth and job creation…

By criticising Ralph Lauren for outsourcing jobs, the politicians attempted to reap political gains by portraying themselves as a champion of insourcing U.S. jobs so as to attract greater support among U.S. voters.

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