Check Out The $528 Million Luxury Hotel Being Built In An Abandoned Chinese Quarry

Construction has officially begun on a £345 million ($528 million) resort project in an abandoned quarry in China’s Songjiang District, The Daily Mail reports.

Known as the Songjiang Shimao Hotel, the resort is part of a larger development plan to turn the area into a theme park, according to Li Xuyang, a senior manager for the Shimao Group.

Atkin, the British firm that designed the hotel, wanted to make sure it blended in with the landscape. They are planning to build an eco-friendly roof with grass and trees that uses natural resources for power.

Two of the building’s 19 stories will be underwater with aquarium-style walls, so guests can look out into the quarry. The other 17 stories will be built inside the cave, which is at the base of the Tianmenshan Mountain, according to The Daily Mail.

The entire project is expected to take around three years to complete, opening in approximately 2015 with an average cost of £200 — or $306 — a room per night, The Daily Mail reports.

Check out some renderings of the futuristic project:

InterContinental Shimao hotel


InterContinental Shimao hotel


InterContinental Shimao hotel