China Power Consumption Blows Away Last Year's Record

China Power

A heat wave across parts of China, plus continued demand growth due to economic activity, has sent power consumption levels 6% above their past record level from last July.

China Daily:

With temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, the electricity load in Beijing, Tianjin, Fujian and north China hit record high on Monday, Zhu told Xinhua.

At the Shanghai World Expo, the electricity load surged to 110,000 kilowatts from 70,000 kilowatts at the Expo’s opening, which added pressure to power grid of Shanghai and east China.

“As the heat wave continues, new power generation records could be set on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Zhu said.

It’s peak season right now, but by the end of July consumption is expected to beat last year’s peak by 10%.

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