Chinese policymakers are ramping up their efforts to support the nation's volatile stock market

Having recorded the four largest intraday trading ranges in history and seen an overall loss of more than 10%, Chinese policymakers have taken additional steps to support China’s volatile stock market after a tumultuous four days for investors.

Late last night China’s securities regulator, the CSRC, announced it had relaxed the rule on margin trading for stock investors, including the asset threshold for individual investors, according to website Forexlive.

The CSRC also announced it would allow brokerages to to issue bonds to widen funding channels to support additional margin lending.

In light of recent huge declines in the stock market, something that was in part caused by the explosion in margin debt used to finance stock purchases over the past six months, the decision to encourage additional lending looks rather reactionary, and to be frank, desperate.

Will the announcement be enough to support stocks today? We’re about to find out at 11.30am AEST.

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