Chinese police officer says he's found 700 out of 1000 missing people using social networking

Qin Yongming. Picture: Sina Weibo

A policeman blogger in China has claimed an incredible strike rate in finding missing persons using his Weibo account.

Qin Yongming is an officer in Sihong County Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu province on China’s central east coast.

This week he told Xinhua News Agency he has recovered more than 700 missing persons from around 1000 updates to his Sina Weibo account, which he started in 2012.

“As a policeman, I feel very sorry to have seen so many families fall apart because their family members go missing every year,” Qin told Xinhua.

He has over 360,000 followers and more than 2600 are part of his Weibo group who help forward and process information about missing persons.

Qin said he knew of 57 people he had talked out of suicide after first locating them on the microblog simply through keyword searches.

He claims 90 per cent of the missing persons he’s returned home were children.

Qin posts pics of missing persons daily. Picture: Sina Weibo

“The power of the internet is amazing,” he said.

“The more people repost a notice, the more easily we can locate the missing individuals.”

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