Chinese Parents Think Their Kids Will Inherit A Better World—While Americans Have Given Up Hope

chinese father

Photo: WikiMedia Commons

U.S. consumers are pessimistic about the future, with only 21 per cent believing their kids will have a better life.Meanwhile, 83 per cent of Chinese consumers are optimistic about the world their children will inherit, according to the Boston Consulting Group’s consumer sentiment survey.

The firm polled 15,000 consumers around the world for their feelings about the economy.

The firm also found that only 16 per cent of Chinese consumers feel like they’re in financial trouble, compared with 47 per cent of Americans.

China is a “bright spot” in a a world of economic malaise, the group said.

One in three Americans say they’re unable to save anything from their paycheck or invest in the future.

Here’s a graph showing how people around the world feel about their childrens’ futures:

chart parents economy

Photo: Boston Consulting Group


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