Big, Beautiful Pictures From The Huge Chinese New Year Celebration In New York City

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

It is the Chinese Lunar New Year, and yesterday New York City’s Sino-community marched from Little Italy to Chinatown in celebration.The Chinese New Year lasts 15 days and started last week on January 23rd. While not everyone takes a full two weeks off from work, each day of the holiday has some traditional association. Some are for a wife to visit her parents and others are designated as days when friends visit friends. One is even set aside as a day to stay home. But most are about celebrating in one form or another, as well as offering thanks to the gods.

The parade featured local politicians, visitors from China, marching bands, traditional bands, and of course lots of dragon dancers.

The parade started near Little Italy and wound through Chinatown.

Wearing full traditional garb.

Students marched in line in traditional clothing.

And the most popular guy at the party was definitely the Chinese Dragon.

Thousands crowded in and just loved it. And there was always confetti in the air.

People of all ages participated.

And everyone seemed excited about having a Happy Lunar New Year.

Here is a group from the Beijing Zhongguancun District Middle School.

Some vintage cars drove in the parade.

Parade honorees waved from them.

People found seats wherever they could.

But not everyone enjoyed their spot for the viewing.

The parade marched on.

Some people opted for these fun costumes.

There were marching bands in attendance.

With drummers drumming away.

The Chinese flag could be spotted everywhere.

Women doing fan dances flowed past.

Even the Chinese American Restaurant Services Association was there.

As well as the LGBTQ community.

And the Girl and Boy Scouts.

This car was great.

Some of the vintage cars had awesome little accessories.

Plenty of drummers at the parade.

And a lot of red.

The Beijing College Chaoyang District Preparatory Middle School.

Mickey was all business working the crowd.

Ronald McDonald came to give his blessings.

The parade is a real fusion of American and Chinese symbols.

Towards the end confetti covered the ground.

But the kids were still reaching out for more.

Some costumes were a little more exotic.

Families gathered on fire escapes to see.

But all good things must come to an end.

Eventually, parade marchers started to head home, along with everyone else.

Want to see another stunning New York parade?

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