Here’s What Happened When A Chinese Mogul Tried To Run For Mayor, Bloomberg-Style

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The tale of Cao Tian, a wealthy real estate developer from the Western city of Zhengzhou, has captured the attention of many Chinese.But it’s not, as one might have imagined, for his business success or personal riches.

It all started when Cao Tian first announced his intentions last year to run for mayor of Zhengzhou.

Cao said that he would put up 100 million yuan ($16 million) of his own money as a “clean government” guarantee, which would automatically go to the state treasury if he were ever found guilty of corruption.

He also promised that, if he were to be elected, not only would he not ask for a salary, but he also guaranteed that the city’s local administrators would never again be allowed to harass people, and that corrupt officials would be severely punished.

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