Revolting Images Supposedly Show Chinese Plant That Sold Expired Meat To McDonald's And KFC

A meat supplier for McDonald’s and KFC in China was shut down after a news report revealed it used rotten meat that was past the expiration date.

A reporter for China’s Dragon TV went undercover at the Husi Food Co. factory and allegedly saw chicken skin and breast meat expired for two weeks being mixed into materials for McNuggets.

KFC’s smoked meat patty allegedly contained meat that had been expired for a month.

McDonald’s told Business Insider that it is “no longer serving product from the facility.” The company also said it is fully cooperating with authorities.

KFC also told us it has severed ties with the facility, and is investigating what happened.

Here are some images from the Dragon TV news report, via

Here’s the plant, located in Shanghai.

The video shows workers pick up meat that has fallen on the floor and loading it into a machine for processing.

The site produced Chicken McNuggets for Chinese markets.

This meat is clearly marked as expired, according to the report.

It is then loaded on a conveyer where it will be turned into chicken patties.

Here are some of the smoked chicken patties made from allegedly expired meat.

Some meat products that didn’t initially meet standards were allegedly taken back, disassembled, and recycled.

These McNuggets were removed for being discolored.

Here’s the full video.

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