AGAIN: Chinese Man Self-Immolates To Protest Eviction


The chinese self immolation meme continues as Chinese property continues to rise.

This time a man is even goaded on by authorities to kill himself, after he had been under intense pressure to accept insufficient compensation for his eviction.

This is the second such event in just a month:

Telegraph: In the second incident last weekend, a Beijing man named in local newspapers as Xi Xinzhu set himself on fire after he refused to leave his home in a north-western suburb which had been earmarked for demolition under a village “improvement scheme”.

According to a report in the Beijing Times, Mr Xi had already suffered a fractured leg when he was beaten by “unidentified men” – violent intimidation is commonly reported in such cases – and was lying on a sofa when the officials entered.

After pouring petrol over himself, Mr Xi took out a lighter and threatened to ignite himself. “Neglecting his warning, the relocation people even said ‘go ahead, light up.’,” his wife told the newspaper.

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