A Chinese Man Calmly Walked Into A Hospital With A Knife Stuck Deep In His Skull

Pictures of a Chinese man with a knife in his head have gone viral on microblogging website Weibo.
The man reportedly walked five flights of stairs to the doctor’s office after the knife was accidentally plunged into his skull while hanging out with friends.

Here’s the report via HugChina.com:

The man with a fruit knife pierced on his head was spotted going to see the doctor on his own in a major hospital in Yanji city, Jilin province in northeast China and has been since called by Chinese netizens as a “Calm Brother” (淡定哥). After receiving corresponding treatment, the man is said to have been in stable condition.

The knife missed the main blood vessels, and doctors were able to remove the blade without causing any significant damage in a three-hour operation, according to the Daily Mail.

Here’s the reported X-ray:

And here’s another look at him waiting in the doctor’s office:

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