Chinese Hackers Attack The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Computer Network

Chinese Perl Hackers

Photo: kawanet via flickr

Hackers in China broke into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce computer network last year and has been accessing information about the groups 3 million members ever since.Siobhan Gorman at The Wall Street Journal reports the  attack is one of the most brazen in an ongoing assault against U.S. companies by Chinese hacking groups.

Officials within the Chamber say the attack focused on four Asian employees who work on Asian policy, and the group are missing a full six weeks worth of email.

The FBI notified the group that their network had been attacked and the Chinese were stealing their information.

In response, the Chamber of Commerce unplugged and destroyed many of their computers before overhauling its entire network.

The move was done over a 36-hour period on the weekend because the systematic hackers kept regular business hours and were offline at the time.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in D.C., Geng Shuang told The Journal hacking is illegal in China and that these most current allegations “lack proof and evidence and [are] irresponsible,” suggesting the issue is being “politicized.”

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