Gambler Jumps To Death After Blowing $650,000 At Hong Kong Casino Boat

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Photo: wiki

China has become a great place to get rich fast, with a surging population of millionaires and billionaires. But anywhere you can win fast, you can lose fast.A 51-year-old Mainlander jumped to his death after losing HK$5 million ($650,000) from a Hong Kong floating casino, according to The Standard.

The man, Xu, played through the night at a baccarat table. When the table closed, at 8 AM, he was seen wandering about the deck for about an hour. Around 9 AM, he jumped to his death.

Little is known about Xu. Was he a real estate speculator who wanted to take his wealth to the next level? Or was he one of the millions of Chinese falling into a burden of credit card debt?

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