Chinese Fishermen Receive Threats, Zero Compensation After PetroChina Oil Spill


10 thousand Chinese fishermen and kelp farmers have received almost no compensation after getting plastered by a 75,000 barrel oil spill in July, according to Caixin.

Locals who tried to contact PetroChina or the local government have been dismissed or intimidated:

So far, Dalian Tianzheng Fisheries Co. is the only victim that’s filed a lawsuit after Japanese clients started cancelling orders for the blowfish and other rare fish it raises. Most of its products are exported to Japan, and the cancelled orders cost the company nearly 100 million yuan.

A company executive surnamed Zhang said a suit was filed within days of the spill in Dalian Maritime Court. “The government found us very quickly and asked us to drop the suit,” he said. “The Dalian Maritime Court also said they would not accept our case.”

And you thought BP was bad!

Indeed, BP’s clean-up effort also looks good compared to PetroChina’s, where locals cleaned oil with their bare hands and one person drowned in the oil.

Check out shocking photos of the Dalian oil spill >

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