A Chinese developer came up with a way to reduce the time it takes to build a house from weeks to just a few days

Zhuoda 3d printZhuoda/YouTubeA rendering of Zhuoda’s 3D-printed home.

Building your dream house could get a lot easier if 3D-printing takes off in the construction industry. 

Last week, the Chinese developer Zhuoda Group assembled a home in Xi’an, China in only three hours.

All of the modules to construct the home were printed in a factory ahead of time and then put together on site, according to a report from China Central Television (CCTV). 

Six modules were printed in total, each modules representing a different room. The cost of each module ranged from 2,500 to 3,500 RMB ($US400 to $US560 USD)  per square meter.

It took about ten days in total to produce the modules and construct the home, according to the report. 

An engineer for the developer said that despite the fact that the house can be constructed so quickly, it is also capable of withstanding strong earthquakes, because it features a steel fram structure and each module bears it’s own weight independently. 

 Three-dimensional printing has gained some traction in construction recently. Last year a Chinese company was able to 3D-print ten houses in one day. And in June a Dutch design company revealed plans to use robots to 3D-print a bridge over the Amsterdam Canal in 2017. 

Check out some images of the house below. 






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