Demonstrators Call For 'Nuclear Extermination Of Japanese Wild Dogs'

Images coming out of the anti-Japan protests in China continue alarm.

What’s at stake is a small, uninhabited island chain that is claimed by both countries.

What it has resulted in is: Huge protests against the Japanese embassy, an attack on the former Japanese ambassador, violent attacks on Japanese businesses, and full-blown militaristic, nationalistic fervor.

Earlier we pointed out that according to reports, demonstraters were urging China to declare war on Japan.

Particularly notable is that experts believe that at least some factions of government are sanctioning these protests, since public demonstrations are so rare and tightly controlled.

From Bill Bishop: ‘banner in Shenzhen calling 4 “nuclear extermination of Japanese wild dogs.”‘

chinese protesters

Photo: Bill Bishop

For more on the protests, see here >

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